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ADSL, FTTN & Cable Internet access

  • Access via Bell Canada's telephone or Videotron's cable networks
  • Static IP addresses and dedicated circuits available as options
  • Multiple speed and transfer packages to suit your needs
  • Availability across most of Quebec and Ontario
  • Fast service activation
  • Economical and reliable

Through a unified network, B2B2C is able to simultaneously deliver ADSL and cable access. Economical and reliable, these high-speed accesses are perfect for offices where the Web browsing and e-mail transmission are the primary needs. With two high-speed access technologies, we enable the connection of all your offices through a single supplier.


Two access technologies ensures a better high-speed coverage for all your corporate locations. Speak with your B2B2C account manager to get an assessment of your network for this type of access.

Static IP address

Assign a static IP address to one, several or all of your ADSL or Cable Internet accesses.

Dry local loop for ADSL

You can activate ADSL service on one of your standard telephone lines or on a dry local loop. A dry local loop is a lower cost telephone line, provided without voice service. Activating your ADSL on that type of line often reduces your monthly fees and minimizes losses of service. Get more information about this option from your B2B2C account manager.

Included with all packages

All B2B2C business ADSL and Cable Internet accesses include:

  • Modem rental and
  • 10hrs of dialup access (on our A network)

In addition, all our ADSL accesses also include 25 e-mail accounts with antivirus and spam filtering.

Typical Applications

High-speed access is a must for all your work teams. Beyond simple e-mail exchange and Web browsing, access to business applications such as centralized accounting system, ERP or intranets have made it essential. {slide=Intermediate access to communicate with your equipment}
Economical and available in more areas than our 6 to 7Mbps Ultra, intermediate access is an excellent choice for offices where e-mail is the main application or for connecting terminal equipment like ATM, cash registers, or telemetry systems. {slide=Static IP addresses for servers and VPNs}
Network addresses associated with your high-speed access change frequently. By selecting a package with a static IP address, operating application servers from your office or activating the VPN options of your router is now possible. If you anticipate that your application server will exceed the upload capacity of ADSL or cable access, consider our MXDSL or Optical fiber services.


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 Prices shown for a 36-month agreement, handling charges not included.


 Cable, regular and high speed


 Prices shown for a 36-month agreement, handling charges not included.


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